Aiken Attitude reply

To the person that wrote the TalkBack titled “Aiken Attitude.” It was the best TalkBack in the 10 years I have been reading TalkBack. I only wish you could come out of anonymity and take credit for such a wonderfully creative and accurate assessment. I’d love to pick up your tab in a restaurant. You deserve nothing less.

Dog breeds

Someone needs to consult with a veterinarian about the breed of the dogs.

Move already

Why hasn’t the man from Jackson already moved? He thinks they’ve been storing nuclear waste at SRS since day one. Why hasn’t he moved yet?

Fixing things

Some time ago, the City came out and fixed the street on Cherry Hills Drive because it was sinking. They should fix things right when they say they fixed things right.


Aiken County is severely understaffed and in need of compliance officers. There are many volunteers ready to serve.

Only in Aiken

“The suspect was charged with unlawful carry of a firearm and was released to his father’s custody.” Only in Aiken.

Spay and neuter

The Aiken County Animal Shelter already has a mandatory spray and neuter program. What we need is the County to enact a mandatory spay and neuter program. This will cut down on the number of animals that must be euthanized.

Learn to drive

People need to learn how to drive. At dusk, dawn, in fog and rain, turn on your headlights so people can see you. Especially those who drive silver vehicles. If someone flashes their lights at you, turn them on. We need to know where you are.