Wal-Mart store manager Daniel LaDow needs 140 more employees before the store opens in late October at Exit 5 in North Augusta.

About 160 employees have already been hired, and LaDow is currently working to train them by using a partnership with Southern Wesleyan University to have a mass orientation. But, more workers are needed.

“Our hiring site is kind of small, so we've got 40 people here. We've built a relationship with Southern Wesleyan (University), and they allow us to come here to do our orientation,” he said. “This is the first step; they come into orientation and get told about the dress code and different policies and how they'll get schedules and checks. They'll do this for one day, along with a safety walk at the store and then some more paperwork.”

After completing the orientation and safety walk, the associates will have more training before they are ready for the sales floor.

“In two days they'll come back and do computer-based learning training,” LaDow said. “Then we'll send them out to different stores around the area so they can get job-based training. They'll be experienced when we open the store.”

LaDow and his staff are currently working out of a hiring center, located at 517 Edgefield Road, until Sept. 15. Then, they will begin working out of the store. From Sept. 15 until the late October grand opening, staff will work to stock shelves and prepare the store for its grand opening.

LaDow is expecting the area of Exit 5 to continue growing at a rapid pace, especially once the Wal-Mart opens.

“We're really excited about what it's going to do for the community,” LaDow said of the store's impact. “You can already see – because of the Wal-Mart – there are some beautification things going on, and more stores are opening up. That whole shopping center that (is) with the Wal-Mart is filled up with some restaurants, a tax office and a mattress store. There are five parcels out front that we're hoping some really nice restaurants will come into, because they will really drive business to the area.”

For more information about jobs at the new Wal-Mart in North Augusta, visit the hiring center at 517 Edgefield Road or call the center at 803-426-1802. There are job openings for full time, part time and temporary employees, as well as hourly management positions.