It is our distinct pleasure to once again publicly acknowledge the wonderful support afforded by the City of Aiken, Parks, Recreation and Tourism, or PRT, Department to a unique sporting event.

Over the weekend of August 15-16, PRT sponsored the second annual Palmetto Invitational Indoor Doubles Pickleball Tournament at the H. O’Dell Weeks Activity Center.

This year player participation was 138 competitors (up from 109 last year) and there were eleven states represented (versus ten last year), along with one foreign country (Scotland). With the continued support of the staff of the PRT, especially those at the Activity Center, the sport of pickleball has really found a home in Aiken and our fair city is now the venue for an annual tournament that is very popular with pickleballers from all around the CSRA and other states in the region. With six indoor and three outdoor courts, there is barely enough room for the players who now play and we hope that there will soon be more locations available as our number of players continues to expand. Once again the city has demonstrated its innovative approach to supporting the citizens and taxpayers by providing a first class opportunity for a rapidly growing sport that is now firmly entrenched in Aiken. A hearty “well done” to all those city employees who supported the tournament and a very special thank you to the many volunteers without whose support we could not have enjoyed such a wonderful event.

Mike and Loretta Beckner