The TalkBack about not supporting churches was a real hoot. There's a church on every corner in the South, operating tax-free since the 1950s. Then there's the Faith Based Initiative that channels federal funds into religions. I didn't hear about that being cut off in the sequester, did you? All the phony Republican bug-a-boo about taxpayer funds funding abortions, yet part of those same funds are used as welfare to religions. In a secular nation, churches should be self-supporting via their member donations. If you want a church, then pay to support it.

Questions to ask

A TalkBack asked why there's no deadbeat dad task force. Ask your governor why South Carolina is the only state without a computer tracking system, and who's ultimately going to pay the millions in federal fines for not doing so in a timely manner.

Not gifts

To the TalkBack writer who questioned the ethics of legislators, those representatives purchased their guns from South Carolina's newest gun manufacturer as anyone can do. They were not gifts.

— S.C. Rep. Bill Taylor, R-Aiken


If someone kicks down your door, your gun should be in your hand with the hammer cocked.

Meat prices

I agree that some grocery stores have raised meat prices.


Now that the Hitchcock Parkway bypass is in the news once again, maybe it's also time to reconsider dropping the term “bypass.” It may bypass downtown and be a truck route, but having schools, the Aiken County Government Center and housing developments right off it makes it just as congested as any other road. Bad planning can't be overcome by more bad planning.

Something good

I was at a store purchasing three items. I had what I had hoped was enough money but, when the total was reached, I was almost a dollar short. The gentleman behind me in line, who was buying a bouquet for his wife, paid for the balance of my order and asked only that I “do something good for someone.” Sir, I thank you.

Upcoming events

Thank you for publishing an upcoming events page. It is so important to our community that I hope it continues in the future.


While at a local restaurant, a couple anonymously paid for our dinner. It was such a kindness. Thank you.