Free car

I agree that it isn’t fair for one teacher to get a free car. There are many dedicated teachers who are left out. It’s not sour grapes, I am not teaching.

Sick children

I don’t believe the person calling in about a sick child didn’t mean they were too sick to go to school. It could have been a child with asthma or spike a fever and have a seizure. There is no compassion. Children need to be in school, and there needs to be a nurse there. We don’t need guidance counselors.

Planning, zoning

Many in Aiken hope planning and zoning are taken over by the State.

School facilities

While I agree that many challenges face our education system today, our district is, in fact, scoring fairly well on many of the measurements in education. Recent results show that Aiken County School District scored above both the state average, and the national average on ACT scores, one of the key measurements used by colleges for admissions. While other issues may need to be addressed, as well, it is undeniable that our facilities fall well behind the status of others in our own state, as well as neighboring states.

Tapping fingers

The early morning crew on some of these local stations pound their fingers. They tap their fingers like they have a nervous disease.

Health inspectors

There is a lack of funding for health inspectors in Aiken County.

More teachers

South Carolina needs more teachers. Why don’t they pay for people to go to school so they can be teachers? I would jump at the chance for free schooling to become a teacher.

South Hills locket

I’m interested in a South Hills designed locket. Is there somewhere in the area where these are sold?

Traffic lights

Somebody needs to come out here and readjust the lights at Pine Log and Sliver Bluff. You sit there for minutes and they just don’t turn.


Law enforcement doesn’t need an MRAP. There are no mines in the roads here. Where are they going to drive it?

Instant pudding

Instant pudding is a great dessert for young or old, and it’s cheap, healthy and simple to prepare with kids, and you’ll enjoy the experience more while they learn, too.