Phone book

To get a new phone book, call the number in the old book and request that they send you a new one. It took me three tries, but I finally received a new one.

Poor treatment

I went to the E.R. three times and only the last time did I find out I had Bronchitis. What gives? I have been to different hospitals all over the world and have never had such poor treatment, makes me wonder if I should move out of state to get better medical care.

Donkeys and horses

Put donkeys in pasture with horses and your problem will be solved, not burrows.

Top-heavy schools

I agree that the school system is top-heavy. The classroom teachers are in need of some relief.

Pick up trash

They want you to pay $4 a month for a container to put it in, but theyíll pick up your trash if you bag it up. But if they damage your property and you donít see it happen, they say theyíre not responsible. The City of North Augusta is the only place the rich and poor can afford to live.

Drunken driving

Who is driving all the drunks? Itís such a disgrace.

Hitchcock widening

Everything about the bypass expansion needs to be put on the table in writing, the criteria for the need, not the wants, needs to be out for everyone to review. The politicos are not trained, civil or highway engineers, and do not know how to design something like this.

USCA bridge

I see that USC Aiken is looking to put a walking bridge up. The cost is $1.3 million. It will probably run closer to $2 million. Why donít they just buy a small fleet of golf carts and shuttle people back and forth?

Open minds

It makes me sad that people donít want to invest in our schools or anything that was a new idea. I heard that people didnít want Hopelands Gardens to be donated to the town. People need to have open minds in Aiken.

Random walking

These crosswalks donít mean you can walk through the middle of the street. You should be walking straight across the road.