School photos

With all the school openings featured recently, I have to question why there wasn’t a single photo from Mossy Creek?

High grass

The old furniture in the county complex needs to be sold at an estate sale. They need to then take that money and buy some lawn mowers and cut the grass on Highway 19. That way the citizens won’t have to walk through waist-high grass.

I just got off the interstate onto Highway 19. The weeds are so high on 19, the weeds are covering the speed limit signs and the sidewalks are nonexistent. I don’t care if you build a 20 lane on Hitchcock. Why are you building things you’re not going to take care of?

Spray and neuter

Thank you to the person who has helped to reduce the feral cat population in their neighborhood by trapping and having these cats spayed and neutered. The animal shelters can help with this effort. Such a responsible caring individual. I wish everyone in Aiken County followed suit.

Heavenly match

The man who can’t stand the grass being high should go out and marry the woman who breaks the spaghetti. They seem like a match made in heaven.


Not only do I break the spaghetti in half before I cook it, I then cut it into bite-size pieces before adding sauce. That’s the way my husband and I like it. Twirling just takes too much time.

Military surplus

Why is the government giving police officers military surplus? In a way, it’s good. They can have it in case of a riot. But if the government decides to disarm the citizens, they will have the equipment to take them.

The bypass

Now that recent projections say the Aiken-area growth rate has slowed and is even approaching zero, why do we need to expand the bypass? One of the major reasons for an expansion was the anticipated growth in Aiken. It’s not happening. Put the money to good use on other road projects – fixing potholes, synchronizing stoplights, paving roads in desperate need of repair and saving some of it for a rainy day. Is staying on the bypass an extra two to three minutes really such a great burden? Let’s look at the bigger picture.

Thank you

Thank you to whomever found my car keys at the Aiken Visitors’ Center and Train Museum and left the key with the museum’s staff. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, as well as the assistance of the staff. Because I don’t know who you are, I donated to the museum to thank you. What wonderful neighbors we have in Aiken.