Protect the youth

The kids are back home, school has started back and the drug dealers are walking on Cooley Street. Got to protect the youth. Aiken County do something.

Slalom course

Why has no one complained about how nice Pine Log is to drive now? My beloved pothole slalom course is no more. My source of extra income is gone, as hubcaps are no longer found by the side of the road. No longer heard is the banging and crashing of big trucks and little work trailers as they encountered the road “anomalies;” in fact, I can barely hear traffic going by at all. It is wonderful!

Back door

I also had a young man who was obviously high on something try and break in my back door. Instead of being arrested, the police just took him home.

Drug dealers

I see the drug dealer on Sharyn Lane has been arrested. My thanks to Sheriff Hunt. Bonneview Estates used to be a nice place to live until the homes were turned into rentals. The landlords should ask themselves if they want these people living next to them.

I see that the City is seeking outside ideas for the Northside of Aiken. I know one good way to improve Crosland Park would be to get rid of the drug dealers in there.

Assault rifles

There is a photo showing S.C. Reps. Limehouse and Taylor with assault rifles. Someone needs to explain to me why they need assault weapons.

Sonic Olympics

Congratulations and good luck to the Sonic team competing in the Sonic “Olympics.” I hope their salaries reflect their commitment to excellence.