What in the name of “Sweet Fannie Adams” was a nine year old girl doing with an Uzi in her hands at a gun range in Arizona.

As her parents stood by taking a video, the child shot and killed the instructor in a gruesome accident, something that poor child will have haunt her for the rest of her life.

The irrationality of the situation boggles the mind. The fault rests squarely on the shoulders of the parents who allowed their young child to handle a weapon, and on the owners of the gun range for not having laws against elementary school age children on the range property, let alone use a gun.

The worst part of this scenario was the fact that the gun was a weapon of war that should only be in the hands of a trained soldier on a military mission. It’s idiocy to have it at a domestic gun range.

How can any place selling guns , or offering instruction in the use of them, allow anyone on the premises under the age of 18? What rationale can there possibly be for youngsters to be using a heavy rifle, even under so-called “supervision?” For that matter, a mere child handling any type of gun is an accident waiting to happen.

Parents and shooting instructors who are the supposed supervisors are not in control. They’re not holding the weapon. They’re not handling the child’s movement. They’re most definitely not able to intervene if shooting the gun throws the child off balance.

The situation could be equated to a 6-year-old driving a car “under supervision.”

Now that military type weapons are allowed at gun ranges and handled by children, it could be compared to their driving a souped up sports car. What has happened to common sense in this picture?

Until there is some conscious effort made to change the laws concerning the age of those allowed to participate at gun ranges, or even be permitted to enter the premises, other deadly accidents will continue to happen. The consequences of these horror stories are not on the children, but shockingly on the adults who are thinking like children.

Molly C. Gray