A colorful new feature is in place a couple of yards from the Greeneway, with the help of the Hammond's Ferry Foundation and Augusta resident Morgan Hayes, a recent graduate of Augusta University.

Hayes' creation, "Community Pillars," originated as a class project to create a piece of public art, and Hayes cooperated in June with several Hammond's Ferry residents to paint four cinderblocks that are now on display near the pavilion at Boeckh Park, on the river side of the pavement. 

The blocks, Hayes, said, represent local residents "coming together, building up the community and laying the foundation for future generations," and the project was completed May 10 – Hayes' graduation day. Her degree is a bachelor in fine arts, with emphasis on graphic design.

Hayes, who is also a Richmond Academy graduate, won the commission in November 2017, after taking part in an art competition supported by the foundation, and is now working on personal projects, including service as a volunteer at the Jessye Norman School of the Arts, in downtown Augusta, and doing some freelance graphic design work.

The blocks in "Community Pillars" were mostly painted by Hammond's Ferry residents, in connection with a community celebration. Hayes also did some painting, as did other people on hand for the celebration. 

Another piece of public art is to become part of the landscape a few blocks away in the months ahead, as described in a 2017 article in The Star. James U. Griffin III, in entering the same contest that had Hayes as a participant, proposed "a minimalist earth-mound sculpture," in memory and honor of the Yuchi (also spelled Euchee) Indians, who once lived in the area.

Griffin's creation, 28 feet across, is to consist of five mounds, with the tallest measuring six feet and the others degrading in size. It is to be in Preservation Park, in the area between Hammond's Ferry and the Ironwood apartment complex, which is part of Riverside Village, the development largely known for having SRP Park as its showcase feature. 

Will Greene, director of sales for Hammond's Ferry (with Blanchard and Calhoun Real Estate), said he has had positive feedback from local homeowners in the wake of Hayes' creation. "We're trying to figure out how we can have different elements down here that would be consistent with what we want to do in the neighborhood," he said.