One of the Bible's core passages was the subject of recent study in the weekday education program at First Baptist Church of North Augusta, and the end results included a generous helping of laughter and plenty of color.

Kids in each class, in preparation for Silly String Challenge Day, were challenged to memorize the Ten Commandments, in language relatively easy for young people to understand and communicate, and an April 30 event included a call for them to recite them, class by class, in front of the rest of the student body and teachers. 

The teacher of each class, to celebrate, got the chance to use Silly String to blast Josh Forrest, the congregation's student pastor; and the Rev. Drew Norris, the middle-school minister, and both were thoroughly coated after about a half-hour of recitation. Adding to the color, teachers were decked out in superhero-style attire for the occasion.

Footage of the festivities is available on the weekday education program's Facebook page.