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The 2020-21 academic year's starting day at Fox Creek High School is now set for Aug. 24 in the wake of a decision in a called meeting of the charter school's board of directors.

Principal Josh Trahan, following the Monday meeting, indicated the target is for the schedule to be moved back one week, with graduation now set for June 3 and the last day of classes to be June 11. 

Trahan said the delay is indirectly related to COVID-19, as the flow of construction equipment has been impeded, complicating the task of completing the buildings that have been taking shape during the summer. Plans are for Fox Creek's new structures to have administrative space, classrooms and labs.

Plans are for the school to start Phase 2 with regard to COVID-19 precautions. The phase, in relation to the pandemic, calls for students to "participate in hybrid learning attending school two days a week and participating in synchronous learning for the remainder of the week." The campus, in such a situation, is described as having "limitations."

The current plan, in the absence of any major surprises, is for Phase 2 to remain in effect through the end of September. 

The other possible phases, as determined by state and local health officials, include Phase 1 and Phase 3. Phase 1, listed as "low spread" in terms of the pandemic's local impact, calls for students to attend school five days a week. "Adjustments will be made to the normal day to ensure student health and safety precautions are followed," as stated in a document handed out at Monday's meeting. As also indicated for Phase 2, families that prefer not to send their student(s) to school will be able to participate in synchronous learning at home.

Phase 3, under the category of "campus closed," has students participating solely in distance learning.

Fox Creek, mainly focusing on students who live in Edgefield County, was established in 2004 and now has a student body numbering about 703.