Lions Field has been largely out of action for the past three months, due to coronavirus-related restrictions, but it came out of hibernation Saturday and Sunday, playing host to a grass volleyball tournament both days, drawing players from Georgia and the Carolinas. 

Lander University volleyball player Boo Luther, known locally as a former star player for Fox Creek High School, was among the competitors. She noted that such tournaments are usually held in such locales as Columbia, Anderson and Greenville, but venues have been harder to find in recent weeks, and the plan to use Lions Field came together on relatively short notice. 

She gave the local event a thumbs-up review. "The Augusta people loved having it so close, because usually they're having to travel all over, but it was awesome," she said, noting that plans are coming together for a similar gathering in August at Lions Field.

Competition was two-on-two and ran from mid-morning until sunset both days, and Saturday's top twosomes, all in same-sex competition, were Colten Redmind and Christian Sullivan; Kalen Jenness and Spencer Gaston; Sarah Roberts and Casey Hingen; Maisey Garner and Marissa Possenriede; Olivia Noffsinger and Kendall Yount; Jhonny Silva and Crystal Elliott; and William Noll and Keith Gutterer. Sunday’s top-performing duos, all in co-ed play, were Justin Pham and Dallis Kennedy; Noah Nakagamo and Judene Camacho; Kevin Harbula and Anna Tovo; and Matt Harrell and Maddie Reed.