I am fairly new to the area, having moved permanently to North Augusta late in 2018 to be close to family. I previously lived in the upstate near Table Rock Mountain, west of Greenville.

I have been involved is some type of hand work most of my life. Being taught by my grandmother to sew, knit and crochet, I developed a lifelong love. Family and an engineering career put most of that on the back burner for a very significant period of time.

Since stepping away from my career and moving to this beautiful part of the country, I have been fortunate enough to explore the world of fiber art and the handcraft of quilting. The richness and vibrant colors of fabric are my tools. The texture of yarn and thread combine to create beautiful and sometimes functional art. My pieces utilize these tools and my love of quilting and all types of fiber.

I enjoy creating pieces of art with detailed stitching on them. All of the stitch work I do is freehand with my sewing machine. My imagination and pleasure in the designs I create are my guide. I do not mark any of my designs and create as I go.

I have competed for many years in local, regional and national competitions with both traditional and art pieces, having won several awards at all levels. Having my work juried into the Art Gallery on Pendleton Square in Pendleton, S.C., has been a great achievement. It is a wonderful Cooperative Gallery that features 25 magnificent artists all in different mediums. The caliber of the art as well as the co-op structure complements my life and my art.

It amazes me sometimes how life often brings us full circle. As I mentioned earlier, I used to be an engineer. Well, I guess I still am to some extent. The important and relevant part of this is that I am a ceramic engineer. I specialized in bringing new products from development to production. Early in my career, before I got into high-tech ceramics, I worked with pigments and glazes for dinnerware. I was always the engineer that worked with the designers (artists) that came up with the patterns and color requirements. Little did I know that all that time I spent learning about color, working with those designers would play a significant role in my future life. I now actually teach a class in Color for Fabric selection.

I have spent a significant amount of time perfecting my skills in the venue of quilting – becoming an expert at machine quilting. Through this I have enjoyed the use and effect various types of thread and yarns give to fabric texture and depth. I love to create intricate designs using these tools. My work has evolved over time as my skills have expanded. I feel that my early work allowed me to perfect my technical skills executing a craft. Through this I have competed nationally in both traditional aspects of quilting and in art quilt categories. I have also done a great deal of teaching and write and sell my own patterns.

Over the past 5 to 6 years I have started to do more in the area of fiber art, finding excitement in the combination of my established skills and the exploration of combining fiber, fabric, dye and thread. I also enjoy, if possible, making things that are functional as well as beautiful.