The Augusta GreenJackets had one of their top representatives sharing a message Wednesday, June 13, at Nancy Carson Library in North Augusta, without speaking a word.

Auggie, the baseball team's mascot, made an appearance to support the library's effort to encourage kids to read more during the summertime. Autographs, hugs and an offer of a free baseball ticket were all part of the package.

The idea, according to Renee Burton, the children's library assistant, is to keep kids from backsliding in terms of their reading habits over the next couple of months.

Plans are for the next few weeks to include a variety of kid-friendly programs, with examples on the near horizon including a June 20 event at 10:30 a.m. featuring "juggling and comedy magic."

Also planned is a June 21 presentation, at 7 p.m., focusing on "Leonardo da Vinci's life, science, engineering, art music and more," recommended for audiences ages 7 and up. The Aiken Community Playhouse's youth wing also has plans for a June 22 presentation, at 3 p.m., of "Hansel and Gretel."

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