The basic concepts of "bump, set and spike" remain in place for volleyball players, but the steps for putting them into practice are considerably different these days, in light of the coronavirus.

The current arrangement in place for local high schools has each girl allowed to use only her own ball to reduce the risk of spreading any infection. The focus is on building strength, flexibility and skills while minimizing coronavirus-related risks. 

Shelby Smith, a rising senior at North Augusta High School, was part of the crew taking part in Monday's heavily modified practice. "All we really do is, we're always told to be 12 feet apart, and when we're 12 feet apart, we can take off our masks and we get to play, but we're only allowed to play with one ball, each person, and we're not allowed to touch any other player's ball, and it's a lot of harder for the team aspects, because we can't play as a team and get that connection on the court that we need," she said. 

The modified workouts, she said, began in early June. "At first, we could only go outside and condition, but not we're allowed go to indoors and play one volleyball per person," she said, noting that conditioning involved such elements as push-ups, sit-ups and running stadium steps."