Alan Wilson

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson delivers the findings of the South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force Annual Report on Friday.

Aiken County accounts for most of the state's opened and pending human trafficking cases, according to an annual report by the South Carolina Attorney General's Office. 

Each year, the report displays statistics relating to human trafficking within the state and details the efforts of the state task force to protect victims, prosecute traffickers and prevent human trafficking from happening.

Of the 47 human trafficking cases opened in the state in the past year, 73.4% were in Aiken County, according to the report. 

The report also states Aiken County accounts for 69.1% of pending cases in the state. 

Of the human trafficking cases disposed in the state, 5.9% resulted in a guilty plea, 29.4% were dismissed, 29.4% pled to a lesser charge and 35.3% closed to federal charges, according the report. 

The city of Aiken had zero cases carry over from 2018. 

The Aiken Department of Public Safety did assist the Aiken County Sheriff's Office in a 2019 investigation of one sex trafficking case resulting in 47 counts between three traffickers, according to the report. 

Statewide, Attorney General Wilson reported a 360% increase in the total number of trafficking victims recorded as well as an increase in the number of human trafficking cases reported in the state.

South Carolina's number of victims recorded increased from 188 victims in 2018 to 678 victims in 2019.

The annual report states 156 human trafficking cases were reported in South Carolina in 2019, compared to the 127 cases reported in 2018.

The top five counties reported for human trafficking has shifted as well.

The top county for human trafficking in South Carolina is currently Horry County, followed by Greenville, Richland, Dorchester and Charleston counties, according to the report. 

Matthew Enfinger is the crime and courts reporter with the Aiken Standard. Follow him on Twitter: @matt_enfinger