Rick Meyer

Rick Meyer

Welcome to 2020 and a brand new exciting year! Our staff is looking forward to working on our goal of enhancing the quality of life for our community.

Before we take a look ahead in 2020, we want you to know that our maintenance staff will be busy the next two weeks taking down Christmas decorations and transitioning our downtown street banners. Most of the street banners that you see going up at this time of year are banners that have been painted by local artists with our Arts and Heritage Center.

With our young people back in school this week, we also return to the hard courts of the Riverview Park Activities Center and our youth basketball program. Games resume this week and continue through Wednesday, Feb. 19.

Now, as promised, let’s take a sneak preview of what’s on the drawing board in 2020 for your Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department.

Riverview Park will soon be more visible in the evening hours as work is in progress to complete the addition of solar street lights on the main roadway and the parking lots by the tennis courts, playground and splash pad. The construction crew is finishing up installation of the pole bases this week. The bases will have to cure before the actual poles and lights are installed.

The Riverview Park Tennis Courts lighting upgrade will begin the week of Jan. 13 as the contractor will be removing the existing lighting. The new lights will be LED and are designed to provide better lights at less of an expense to operate. The lighting project has preliminarily qualified for a $17,199.70 rebate from Dominion Energy based on the projected energy savings. A new tennis pavilion with a clubhouse is still on deck to be designed and constructed in 2020.

In addition at Riverview Park, City Council allocated $250,000 for a new picnic shelter and restrooms to be constructed by the adaptive playground and splash pad. This funding was allocated from the Riverfront Central Core Redevelopment fund. The adaptive playground will also see a new surface on the playground later this year after the weather warms up.

Over the next three weeks, the Maude Edenfield Park outdoor basketball court upgrade will begin with the removal of the existing basketball goals and lighting. New acrylic backboards along with new LED lighting will be installed during this time period. As soon as the warmer days of spring arrive the court will be resurfaced with bright new lines and colors to match the outdoor courts at Summerfield Park.

Another project that has been delayed that our staff will be working on in 2020 is the return of Soccer Field No. 5 located next to the water treatment plant. This field was used for laydown during the expansion of the water treatment plant and has been out of service for over 5 years.

Weather permitting, we are scheduled to open the Riverside Village Amphitheater in May 2020. Be on the lookout for a grand opening announcement in the spring. This park design will feature a 600-seat amphitheater and a gateway to the Greeneway and Savannah River.

Nike Peach Jam will celebrate its 25th anniversary at Riverview Park in 2020. That’s a quick look at just some of what’s coming in 2020. There is potential for more, so stay tuned.