Lions Field, having been largely out of action for the past three months, had plenty of visitors June 20-21, as the host site of a grass volleyball tournament featuring teams from around Georgia and the Carolinas. Competition was two-on-two and ran from mid-morning until sunset both days. Saturday's top twosomes reportedly included Colten Redmind and Christian Sullivan; Kalen Jenness and Spencer Gaston; Sarah Roberts and Casey Hingen; Maisey Garner and Marissa Possenriede; Olivia Noffsinger and Kendall Yount; Jhonny Silva and Crystal Elliott; and William Noll and Keith Gutterer. Sunday’s top-performing duos were Justin Pham and Dallis Kennedy; Noah Nakagamo and Judene Camacho; Kevin Harbula and Anna Tovo; and Matt Harrell and Maddie Reed.