Reality shows about finding love aren’t a new concept, but a new show with a familiar face involves starting a new romance as well as a family.

Television watchers can see well-known North Augusta businessman Walker Posey try his chance at love on the new FOX reality show Labor of Love.

“FOX levels up dating to mating by taking viewers along on one woman’s unconventional journey toward potential love and motherhood,” according to the FOX website.

Posey is the managing director of Posey Funeral Directors in North Augusta.

Posey, 41, is one of 15 men on the unscripted show who are competing to woo Kristy Katzmann, 41, who’s ready to have a child and start a family.

“My reason for going on the show really was, when I kind of saw it was a fresh take on dating and relationships and family, clearly I want to have a family, and so I thought it was an opportunity to meet a great girl, and to have a really good experience around that,” Posey said.

He said he didn’t apply for the show but was found through social media.

The Bachelor-style show, which airs Thursday evenings, will put the “fathers-to-be” through challenges that will put their parenting and partnership skills through the test.

“If they prove worthy, they will advance to the next week, and for those who don’t, Kristy will let them know that she does not see herself starting a family with them,” the show’s description says.

Posey said his experience filming the show was very positive.

“Obviously my goal was to meet an incredible woman and to be in an environment that helped me to, you know, really focus on finding a partner to have a family with, and so it was a great experience,” he said.

He said the other men on the show were great, as well as the production experience.

“I think it is a great life growth experience but also was a great experience to meet an incredible woman who has similar values to me and similar goals,” he said.

Since the first episode aired last week, Posey said the response from folks back home in North Augusta has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

“I think it’s been amazing to see the community’s reaction to the actual show itself. The show’s content I think is really intriguing because it’s a fresh take on, you know, a traditional dating reality show, it’s a much more mature audience I think in terms of topics we discuss and the look of not just dating but wanting to have a family,” he said. “So I’ve had great reactions from the community, they’ve all been very supportive and they actually have commented on how much they have enjoyed this take on this type of show.”

Some of Posey’s family members appeared on the first episode, and he said his family has been supportive .

“I mean obviously when I first told them that I was going to do, it, they were apprehensive in terms of, you know, I think we think about reality shows as being train wrecks in the making and they obviously want the best for me, so once they understood the premise of the show and once they understood the purpose of the show, they were super supportive.”

“It was great to be a part of, to have the experience of going on a show whose goal was to really help someone find the right person to have a family with.

“So many times I think TV can be kind of scripted and dicey but the show’s very authentic and the show approaches important topics that I think are important for us socially and are very relevant to the age we live in today, and so I’m excited for people to see what happens.”

Spoiler alert: Posey did not get sent home during the first episode that aired. 

Labor of Love airs on Thursday evenings at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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Lindsey is the North Augusta reporter at the Aiken Standard and North Augusta Star. She graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2017, and grew up in Hodges, SC.