Durg Takeback Day at Parks Pharmacy

Pictured during a recent medication disposal event are Laura Knotts, pharmacist at Parks Pharmacy, Lt. Verne Sadler with North Augusta Public Safety and Steve McElmurray, owner of Parks Pharmacy. 

Those who have recently lost a loved one, completed a treatment or just have some pills they need to get rid of can do so later this month at Parks Pharmacy.

The pharmacy, along with North Augusta Public Safety, will be holding their twice-annual drug takeback day on Sept. 21.

Laura Knotts, pharmacist at Parks Pharmacy, said the intention of the event is to prevent diversion or misuse.

“Given that we have the current opioid crisis, obviously a large percentage of people get their medications from the homes of friends, so the purpose in this is to collect that from the homes so it’s not available for that,” Knotts said.

Another benefit is environmental. The Environmental Protection Agency recently prohibited any flushing of drugs.

“It’s being flushed into our system – our livestock, our animals our water sources are being contaminated,” Knotts said, calling the process “a big cycle.”

The takeback day is Sept. 21. Those with medications can bring anything – chemo meds, syringes, over-the-counter products – but the pharmacy prefers not to get liquids as the Drug Enforcement Agency doesn’t take them.

“Doesn’t matter what it is, no ones looking at it, no questions asked,” Knotts said.

Parks Pharmacy is located in downtown North Augusta at 437 Georgia Avenue.

Lindsey Hodges is a general assignment reporter at the Aiken Standard and North Augusta Star. Follow her on Twitter at @LindseyNHodges.