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We’ve got a favor to ask.

The North Augusta Star has been providing readers in the area with all the need-to-know North Augusta news for over 65 years and we aren’t planning to stop anytime soon.

Starting later this month though, we will be asking our readers to get a digital subscription in order to keep reading our online stories.

By paying for online access – $17 per month – you’ll be getting that need-to-know news, plus more. Along with access to the North Augusta Star, the subscription will provide unlimited access to all of the newspapers across the state owned by Evening Post Industries.

Subscribers will have access to our sister paper the Aiken Standard, plus The Post and Courier, which covers local and statewide news from the sea to the mountains with offices in Charleston, Greenville, Myrtle Beach and Columbia.

Along with this new subscription model, The Star’s website will be getting a refresh. The new, upgraded website will provide an easy to navigate, sharp look to our online presence.

This year has been a wild ride, and The Star’s reporters have had a front row seat – we’ve documented protests, trudged through a landfill, listened to those hours-long city government meetings and responded to numerous accidents and fires. We’ve done that for you.

We’re there during the good times too. We’ve stood on the sidelines while local teams won championships, laughed with you during wave parades and rocked out with you during the Jack-O-Lantern Jubilee.

We’re dedicated to providing fair, accurate news coverage to North Augusta and need your help to make this happen. To make sure our advertising reps, reporters and copy editors have everything they need to inform the community.

We know this is a hard pill to swallow. Even as a weekly paper we aren’t immune to the issues plaguing newsrooms across the country, and we must adapt.

By subscribing, local and statewide news will be available to you wherever you are – in your home or on the go – for less than $5 per week.

Can’t subscribe? We understand, and you’ll still be able to read three stories per month before the paywall kicks in.

We thank you for your support.

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