Peach-peeling time is at hand Sunday afternoon for a group of volunteers with First Baptist Church of North Augusta, in preparation for the massive basketball tournament set for this week.

We get the best of the best starting Wednesday in North Augusta with the annual Peach Jam basketball tournament.

Oh sure, players are all under the age of 17, but as the National Basketball Association grabs talent at a younger age, it won't be long before we see these kids as men playing with and against the big stars.

And many of those big stars of today played on the same Peach Jam courts in North Augusta at some point.

Since 1996, what started as the Peach Basket Classic has turned into a mega-tournament and something we as Aiken County basketball fans get to see.

Admission to the five-day event is $15 a day and takes place at the Riverview Park Activities Center. The cost of admission is less than seeing one NBA game, but each day you get a chance to watch multiple games.

And this year there are some names with cachet on hand for the under 15 division like LeBron James Jr. Everyone, basketball fan or not, knows who Pop is.

Bronny will jump in this week as so many in the past have like Kevin Durant, Elton Brand, Kyrie Irving, Yao Ming, Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose.

This year, like every year for the past 23 years, the tournament would never get off the ground for all the outstanding volunteers from First Baptist Church in North Augusta and TrueNorth Church who contribute their time to the kids who play, the officials who come to town and the fans who attend the event.

Rick Meyer, director of parks, recreation and tourism for North Augusta, oversaw those getting ready for the 24th edition with what else? Peaches.

They deserve the credit for this week and for every year.

Because of the staff who put on this great event, the tournament has grown, moving to the new Riverview Park facilities last year – the perfect place to host such a tournament.

Aiken County and North Augusta welcome the players and those associated with the tournament. We look forward to it.