Excuse Our Progress.

Pardon Our Mess.

Exciting Construction Ahead.

Building for the Future.

We have a crew on site to deconstruct the Aiken Standard’s 34-year-old printing press at 326 Rutland Drive N.W. in Aiken. It was a new model when it was originally installed in 1985 under the leadership of the late Publisher Samuel A. Cothran.

To put it mildly, we’ve run it to pieces. We estimate that in its lifespan, we ran the press for 124,100 hours – the equivalent 24/7 for a straight 14 years. She was a good press, but we will hold the door open as she’s put on a truck and close it tightly afterward. The old press will most likely be sold for parts and scrap metal.

But hold on to your fork; there’s more. As the old press is being decommissioned, we are clearing space in the pressroom for a more powerful and faster printing press for our Aiken facility that’s 20 years more advanced than what we’ve been using.

Unlike many other newspaper companies that we hear about today, the Aiken Standard’s parent company, Evening Post Industries, is reinvesting in its newspaper division. Being part of a privately owned South Carolina company with strong ties to the Aiken area and the state of South Carolina has its rewards. One of these rewards is a new press, another is EPI’s unwavering (re)commitment to supporting local journalism.

The next few months will be an exciting transformational period for us, but we hope it doesn’t cause you too much inconvenience. Please be patient because something better is coming.

As we are assembling the new press and disassembling the old press, we will continue printing the daily Aiken Standard and weekly Fort Gordon Globe and the North Augusta Star here in Aiken.

Some of the sections may be different sizes. Some pages may not be in their “normal” places. We may not print the weather page in color every day. The weekly TV guide will be a few pages smaller. Deadlines may shift.

It’s all temporary.

So, we’ll just say, pardon our dust while we reconstruct to serve you better.

We know you’ll be pleased with the results.

The newer press is a $1.1 million reinvestment into the Aiken Standard and the 90 local families whose livelihoods depend on Aiken Communications and its subscribers.

In a few months, you’ll see the outcome of the reconstruction. The new press will improve the printing quality, color capacity, speed, safety and overall reproduction of news photos and advertisements in your Aiken Standard, North Augusta Star, Fort Gordon Globe and the more than 20 other newspapers printed here in Aiken.

Thank you for staying on this journey with us.

Even after 152 years, we’re still growing.