Letters to the Editor

I believe President Trump and King George III of historic England have similar mental oddities of strange behavioral leadership. It is uncanny the similarities shared by both of these “heads of state.” However, research shows this king had a verifiable medical condition which caused him to be unstable. What causes Trump’s unstable leadership?

Historians believe the inability of this king, to make reasonable decisions, contributed to England’s fall in the Revolutionary War. This was fortunate for America but devastating for England. Would England have been better off if the king had not been so dictatorial? This is how dictatorial leadership can truly devastate America.

Is it treason to suggest America is being ruled without our voices? Is it treason to call an apple an apple? There is an old saying, “I call ‘em as I see ‘em.” Let’s see what’s coming from Washington. Republicans are more loyal to Trump than the safety and preservation of America. This is absolutely undeniable.

Facts are being twisted and literally shot down by this power-hungry egotist. What else will you call it when Trump continues to “ax” inspectors general who tell the truth? It may take some time, but patriotic Americans must prevail. While Trump, and his Republican “minions” are taking America down into the quagmire, the global respect for America is declining at warp speed. This could be stopped if the cowards of the Supreme Court and the Republicans in Congress would invoke the rule of “checks and balances.” Our government situation is exactly why The Framers set up the “checks and balances” rule. This rule, this sworn duty, continues to be purposefully ignored. If America goes into a downward spiral of no return, the cowards in the Supreme Court and the Republicans in Congress will be even more guilty than Trump himself!

Timothy Bledsoe

North Augusta