Letters to the Editor

I read with interest Joe Wilson’s guest editorial in the Star. Joe seems to visit my part of the district rarely and seems afraid to hold any live town hall meetings, so I was glad to read his thoughts. What I read is that Joe has embraced Trump and Trumpism without a single thought for the results here in our district. Is Joe working to protect our over-pumped groundwater? Is he making sure we have safe drinking water in our communities? Has the Congressman a plan to help South Carolina’s farmers and townspeople deal with more dangerous and frequent extreme weather events? Not a word.

Worse still is Congressman Wilson’s lack of a moral compass. He ignores the reality: a president who has had to pay fines because he misused funds from his nonprofit foundation; had to shutter his fake rip-off university; and who is an unindicted co-conspirator in a plan to pay for a porn star’s silence, to mention only a few instances of a lack of morality in the White House.

We need to remind Joe that South Carolinians want the best for our neighbors and want meaningful legislation from our congressional representative, not more divisive rhetoric and hurtful policies – like shrinking Medicaid, gutting environmental regulations and doing nothing about our crumbling infrastructure.

Unless Joe can find his way to pay attention to his constituents instead of praising every Trumpian move, we will need new representation here in the Second District.

Ken Erickson, Ph.D.

West Columbia