Letters to the Editor

How many times since America has become burdened with some difficult and trying times has your day been made brighter because someone took the time to greet you or returned your greeting and flashed a warm smile?

Last week, while on my early morning walk, one of my neighbors bade me a good morning. She also shared she loved my column and wondered why I no longer wrote it.

The woman's kind words and smiling face made my day. I glided on air during the rest of my jaunt.

A few days later, I met another of my more distant neighbors, Christine. She always has a friendly smile. We stopped for a brief moment and exchanged greetings and inquired about one another's health during this period of pandemic.

It's along my early morning walks when I realize how fortunate I am to be alive and healthy at 79. I always feel closer to God at these times, and it's such an opportune time to share that with Him as birds chirp and flowers and trees show, or are beginning to exhibit, their beauty and splendor.

Since moving south after my retirement from teaching in Connecticut, almost 20 years ago, I have considered myself a very fortunate man. Almost daily, I encounter more smiling faces from friendlier people, only too willing to greet or exchange greetings with me.

I have also been blessed to be married to a woman with the most winning smile and ready smile I have ever met. She's my “Tallahassee Lassie.” When I greet her each morning with a sip of sweet tea, she flashes a loving and gracious smile.

For those of us, Christians, it becomes us to be friendly to others and greet them with kindness. Proverbs 15:13: “A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance.”

Hopefully, you are well enough to take care of your loved ones and to be kind to your friends and neighbors. We really have to be united as we can be at a time like this. Your kindness and benevolence, hopefully, will be returned by others in your time of need.

Ray Willis