Shane Williams

Shane Williams

Do you like the rain?

I would have to answer that question with, “That depends.”

As I write this article, it is raining and I am beyond over it! It feels like it has rained all year. I am ready for sunshine. Rain messes up my hair, soaks my feet and has made traveling and enjoying being outside difficult. Rain has gotten in the way of my comfort and I am tired of it.

Now, ask me that question in late spring or early summer after we have gone a few weeks without rain and my answer will be completely different. I will be praying for rain. Relief from the pollen and a free car wash will not be able to happen soon enough.

In the Bible, rain is often used as a metaphor for blessing. The Bible talks about blessings raining down on us. Maybe there's a connection between the way we look at rain and the way we look at blessings. The truth is we need the rain and, depending on our perspective, we can be thankful for it or frustrated by it.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:45 that your Father in heaven “gives His sunlight to both the evil and the good, and He sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.”

God's blessings don't always seem like blessings. Like the rain, His blessings don’t always come when we think they should and rarely in the amount we prefer they would. God’s blessings might be masked in discomfort and inconvenience, but remember He sends the rain, not because He doesn't love us but because He does.

God is constantly calling us beyond ourselves to find new and deeper hope in Him.

So the next time it’s “raining” in your life, or “not raining” in your life, pause and ask God to help you see a different perspective.

May God rain His blessings on you until you are soaking wet!

Shane Williams is the Pastor of Ministries of TrueNorth Church in North Augusta. For more information, visit